How to convert HEIC to JPG or JPEG - can't upload photos to eBay

After a recent iPhone update I suddenly couldn't use images taken on my phone for eBay listings after uploading them to my Mac at which point I noticed the files were .HEIC and not the usual photo formats. A quick google search showed that Apple had started to use a new format which uses less storage space. All good and well but I couldn't find a way to convert them for use on eBay.

If your photos won't upload and you can't find a converter then a quick workaround I found was to email the photos to myself through Gmail and they automatically become JPG images instead of HEIC. The app may work differently but when listing a car on eBay Motors you cannot use the app and therefore wouldn't be able to upload photos that way either.


Volvo XC40 2.0 D3 First Service Oil and Filter change

Here's my latest video for the first service on the Volvo XC40 2.0 D3.

Everything is accessed underneath the car.

There are 13 T30 Torx screws to remove from the under car tray and then a final trim clip you can remove with a Bojo tool.

The Sump Plug is 17mm and requires 38Nm torque when refitting.

The Oil filter drain is a 6mm hex and the housing itself requires an 82/16 tool. The torque requirement is 25Nm.

The capacity on the one I did was 5.2 litres but do check for sure as engine specs change. This exact engine is the D4204T16.


Review: AVOID eBay seller themodernhomeuk / Apex Retail LTD / Imran Majid

Recently purchased a 4 foot bed because one of the bedrooms in my house is a strange shape and in order to fit a bed in the room properly it needed to fit in between the wall and the chimney breast. Little did I know it would cause me well over a month of stress and to be ripped off by this company.

I started by ordering the item through eBay with a note attached saying if this bed physically measures more than 4 feet wide then do not send the item and cancel my order. The order was shipped and I received a few days later thinking that meant the bed was suitable. I had received a time slot and the package came about 10 minutes earlier than specified (not a problem). I mentioned this to the courier and he said he had no idea the deliveries had time slots.

The box came damaged which, ok is the courier side of things and happens. Took the bed out and built one of the ends up to find the bed (listed as 121cm) measured 126.4cm or 4 feet and 1.76". This meant I wouldn't be able to use it for the room I had intended but I thought I'd build it up to see if I thought it would suit another room.

While building I noticed damaged to the foot of the bed and one of the tube blanks missing (not in packaging, completely missing). Then after assembling the frame and fitting the lats you're left with the supports to fit. I then find that one of the supports with a thread for the foot is welded completely incorrectly which would've been prior to powder coating when manufactured. Just unacceptable quality.

I contacted the seller to ask if they would consider discounting the item (I would've used it as a kids bed with the support missing) to which they refused so I arranged a return with their courier. Now the fun.

I stayed in specially waiting the full day 12th Sept for the courier and they didn't turn up despite specifying 3:19-5:19 on an email. I had to contact the seller for the courier to do anything as it wouldn't let me rebook but no-one got in touch with me. The courier then emailed at 09:46 on Wednesday 18th Sept saying they'd be collecting the same day between 12:12-2:12pm. I was over 30 miles away and didn't even see the email before I got home and found the card in the evening. Then again on the Monday 23rd Sept they emailed at 08:46 this time to say they'd be collecting between 1:25 and 3:25pm. Even having seen this by midday I was not in the area and there are zero contact details given for the courier. Who is expected to be at home 24/7 for random parcel collections?

eBay then closed the return as the item had not been returned and I had to arrange to return myself. I made sure on several occasions due to the strange use of the phrase "we will refund accordingly" that the seller had agreed to pay my return costs for the faulty and poor quality item to which I finally got the confirmation "this will include the cost of return carriage". I sent the item back at a cost of £28.40 and forwarded them the receipt with a response that they would forward to their accounts department and "refund accordingly" (4th Oct). Waited until the 22nd to contact again and "accordingly" received this response:

 "Thank you for your email. The item has been opened, fully inspected and looks to have no issues at all. The size is correct, a 4ft bed which fits any standard 4ft mattress. We have supplied over 1000 if these 4ft beds without any issues.
Therefore in this instance there seems no fault on our part, and the returns cost is therefore not applicable unless we are missing something else you experienced?
If so, I can ask our warehouse to inspect again for you."

I wouldn't normally waste any more time on this sort of thing but I'm so deep now after making my original order on the 28th August that I may as well see this through and am in the process of taking them to small claims.

I've been selling online for the past 12 years and wouldn't dream of this sort of behaviour and selling such poor quality items. I can only hope that people read this prior to ordering or have the same experience and bother to report to trading standards and take to court. 

I never normally buy cheap and the one time I do!


VW Golf GTTDI 2.0 TDI 170 BMN Intermittent Misfire Rough Running and no error codes

I've been running a 2.0 GTTDI MK5 Golf for the last couple of months and every so often it's been running rough, misfiring or not boosting as intended and the mpg has been rubbish.

I plugged the car into diagnostic equipment and found nothing and continued to experience the problem. It seemed to be more in the rain but I couldn't tell for sure.

I looked up the symptoms and saw the regularly occuring problem with the injectors or injector harness but the misfire was different and more apparent between 1750-2000rpm and it has never cut out on me.

After a few weeks of randomly experiencing the problem the car for a split second brought up a visit workshop code which erased immediately form the dash.

I plugged the car in again and found P0238 Turbocharger Boost Sensor A Circuit High Input (568 Short Circuit to B+).

This lead me to the MAP sensor which turned out to be a cheap manufacturer. I replaced the item with a genuine Bosch MAP sensor and it has behaved ever since.


How to remove the HID Headlamp on the Mazda 6

To remove the HID headlamps on the GH1 Mazda 6 the Bumper and Headlight Assembly must be removed.

How to remove the Bumper, Headlights and HID bulbs is shown in this video.

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