Vauxhall Meriva strange blown bulbs

I've never seen one bulb melt out of shape when blown but on the Vauxhall Meriva we found 2 that had balooned out.


Skoda Octavia Door Mirror and Door Card Removal

To remove the door mirror on the Skoda Octavia, due to the location of the wiring connector you must remove the door card.

To remove the door card.

Remove 7 T15 Torx screws from around the door card.

Using a Bojo tool split the door handle and remove the 2 cross head screws from the uncovered holes.

Using a Bojo tool pop the window switch out of position and remove the cross head screw behind it.

You can now lift the door card out of position.

Disconnect the door handle cable.

Disconnect the door card light, you may need a tool for this as the connector may be clipped on both sides.

To remove the door mirror you can now access the connector.

Slide the door mirror wiring connector out of the clip and disconnect.

Remove the 3 T30 Torx screws from the mirror.

Push the connector through the door along with the insulating foam around the cable.


Honda Accord 2.0 Oil and Filter Service

Start underneath the car.

There is a flap on the under car tray you can open to access the sump plug with a 10mm bolt.

Once you've undone and removed the flap you can access the 17mm sump plug.

Write Here...

Remove the sump plug and drain the oil.

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Replace the sump plug washer, they are the aluminium type.

The oil filter is located on the back of the engine above the driveshaft and access is very limited.

Removal was quite difficult but managed with an oil filter strap eventually.

Due to the location removal will make quite a mess as the filter will be full of oil and some will be left in the system so do have something in place to catch the oil as it will drip down onto the under car tray. Brake cleaner is very useful for cleaning oil off quickly. Replace the oil filter and tighten by hand to approximately 12Nm.

You can now refill the oil, the capacity including the filter is 4.2 litres. add 4 litres, run the car and recheck the level after the engine has been off for 5 minutes. Add small amounts of oil until the maximum level is reached on the dipstick.


Volvo XC60 2010 2.0D DrivE Intermittent Stalling and non-start

Volvo XC60 2010 2.0D DrivE won't start intermittently and sometimes cuts out.

We had a Volvo XC60 cutting out sporadically and often not starting without obvious reason.

The car had no error codes and the only noticeable difference when the car wouldn't start is the fuel pump would not whir when you put the key in the ignition.

This would lead you to wish to check the fuel pump however unlike cars of the past (where you could often remove the rear seats and access through the body) the only way to access the fuel pump on the XC60 is to drop the fuel tank and remove from above.

After some research it looked like a common fault is the pump control module but this was not the case with ours.

After removing the fuel tank and the fuel pump it became apparent that the plug does not fit the fuel pump very securely and this had caused a poor connection and resistance to such a degree the connector had started to melt.

The 3rd pin shown here has been loose causing the fuel pump not to operate intermittently.

In order to rectify the issue a new fuel pump was fitted and the burnt pin in the plug was changed and checked to be tightly fitting unlike the original.

The car has not repeated the problem since.

A quick video below: