Skoda Octavia Door Mirror and Door Card Removal

To remove the door mirror on the Skoda Octavia, due to the location of the wiring connector you must remove the door card.

To remove the door card.

Remove 7 T15 Torx screws from around the door card.

Using a Bojo tool split the door handle and remove the 2 cross head screws from the uncovered holes.

Using a Bojo tool pop the window switch out of position and remove the cross head screw behind it.

You can now lift the door card out of position.

Disconnect the door handle cable.

Disconnect the door card light, you may need a tool for this as the connector may be clipped on both sides.

To remove the door mirror you can now access the connector.

Slide the door mirror wiring connector out of the clip and disconnect.

Remove the 3 T30 Torx screws from the mirror.

Push the connector through the door along with the insulating foam around the cable.