How to remove front Bumper and Headlights on Volvo V70 S60 Phase 2

How to Remove Headlights and Front Bumper Volvo V70 S60 MK2 Facelift Front Bumper Remove 5 trim clips from the top edge of the bumper.

Remove the bumper trims from the front of the car with a pry tool starting from the center outwards. Remove a 12mm bolt from either side now visible where the trim was removed.

Remove the torx bolts from the wheel arches. Underneath the car press 2 trim clips in. Pull the side of the bumper out and then pull forward away from the car.

Be sure to disconnect foglight connectors before trying to take the bumper away.

To continue to remove the headlight use a 10mm socket and remove the 3 10mm bolt holding the headlight in place, remove 2 Torx bolts to reveal the 4th bolt.

To change the side markers look for the tabs sticking out. Pull out and replace with a T10 Wedge Bulb.

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